A single point of contact for advice, work and assistance

Bergamini puts its know-how and resources at the complete disposal of its clients, establishing itself as a single point of contact for all consulting, work, support and assistance needs.

1. Technical-economic analysis

Each product initially involves a feasibility study with, if the need arises, solutions being suggested which can improve the end result.

Our technical department works with 3D modelling software directly interfaced with the company's management software and CAM system. The dimensions, feasibility and final results are checked by in-house staff during the simulation stage, so that the various processing steps can be optimised and the tailor-made programme, bill of materials and optimum production cycle can be passed on to the production department. The aim of these activities is to provide the client with a competitive quotation and to enable efficient handling of both small and large series.

1. Technical-economic analysis

2. Sampling

Bergamini invites the client to interact directly with the technical staff to present the study and creation of the prototype through sampling, giving them the opportunity to touch the finished product.


Turning an idea into a detailed and functioning project.
2. Sampling

3. Processing

Constantly oriented towards technological innovation, over the years Bergamini has equipped itself with innovative, energy-efficient machines which guarantee operational precision and cost optimisation, ensuring faster communication between the pieces of equipment and offering high performance.

Discover more3. Processing

4. Traceability

Each operator is equipped with a Wi-Fi tablet with bar-code where data is collected during production. This provides a constant view of the progress of orders, the physical status of the resources and materials used, allowing data to be transmitted to the management system so that time schedules can be monitored and costs can be optimised accordingly.


Ability to provide clients with accurate and immediate status updates
Ability to intervene promptly in the event of changes or potential problems
4. Traceability

5. Finishes

Intermediaries between the client and professional companies in the sector. Bergamini also offers various finishing services through established partnerships with leading companies:
Hot dip galvanising
Electrolytic / cold galvanising
Powder coating
Other treatments on request
These additional services allow the client to interact with a single point of contact and therefore to obtain the finished product, optimising time and costs. In this way we can offer an all-round service to meet every need. 5. Finishes

6. Quality control

During each stage of the production process, quality control is performed through tests and checks, dimensional measurements, technical-functional tests and aesthetic-visual evaluations. The management of the materials used and the frequent checks at the various stages of the production process have enabled us to obtain the following certifications:
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN1090
In accordance with current regulations, the personnel working at Bergamini are qualified to perform welding and handling work in the warehouse.6. Quality control

7. Delivery

Fast and reliable delivery within the timeframe agreed with the client is very important to us. Bergamini has steered the entire production process in this direction, integrating scheduling software which allows each order to be controlled and tracked. The advantages of this are easy to see:
Management of rush orders
Reduction of downtime
Offsetting of delays
Control of production costs
Timely client updates on delivery status
7. Delivery

8. Warehouse and Logistics

Bergamini provides a facility used for storing products, with customised and kanban management on request.8. Warehouse and Logistics