Bergamini grows and introduces Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Digitalization of the manufacturing sector

Nowadays, markets are increasingly competitive, and to emerge, manufacturing companies must develop agility and performance without ever neglecting the quality aspect. Industry 4.0, Smart manufacturing and Smart Factory, are specifically created to address the challenges involved, relying on the potential of technology. 

The term Industry 4.0 refers to a process that focuses mainly on the digitization of the manufacturing sector, renewing the method of implementation to ensure an innovative and technological service.
Bergamini uses a system that allows all activities to be viewed in real time, even remotely (ICLOUD), and automatically interconnects them to machinery and management, in order to plan production, procurement and maintenance.

The focus on the digitalization of processes, applied according to Industry 4.0 procedures, has made it possible to optimize the management of orders with a significant reduction in lead times. Each machinery no longer represents just a separate reality but becomes part of a real “factory organism,” unified in its various parts and communicating with the outside world through software.

The importance of technological transformation

For the benefits in terms of efficiency, savings and process optimization that have improved our service level.
Having an overall picture of the entire company is important to intervene promplty where needed and organize a continuous production flow of each job, keeping machines operational and thus reducing inefficiencies and downtime.

With Industry 4.0 tools we also monitor the productivity of machines and operators and the status of each machine (whether in process, maintenance, or stopped).

Benefits for the customer

Benefits for the company